Index Search

An index search allows you to craft a more elaborate search than a regular keyword search, using boolean expressions. An index search only searches within the Extracted Text / OCR field in your workspace, so make sure you have this set correctly in your Field Administration. To begin, change the search type to Index Search.

Make sure that all of the documents in your workspace have been indexed. If the index needs to be updated, click the Update Index button (this may take a while).

If you need an explanation of the various boolean operator options, click the Search Operators button.

Type your search into the search box and hit enter to see your results, sorted by relevance.

NOTE: even though you are doing an index search, your search results are also filtered by your currently selected folder (and whether or not you have chosen to include subfolders in your search), tag search (if any), saved search selection (if any), and / or additional search conditions (if any). To start fresh, click the Clear Search button at the top of the window.