Field Administration

When you create a new Workspace, some fields are created by default. Often you will need to add new fields, though. For example, you may want to load a metadata load file from a production that contains additional fields. Or you may want to create new coding fields. Either way, the Field Administration page will allow you to edit the fields in your workspace.

The first box allows you to create a new field. First enter a name for your field. Then select the field type. Fields can contain text, dates, whole numbers, decimals, and single or multiple choice fields. If you select “Date” for field type, you will also need to select the date format. Finally, click the “Create New Field” button to add the field to your workspace.

If you created a single or multiple choice field, you can now select it from the field list and add choices. When you select a single or multiple choice field from the list, a new box will appear to add a choice. Simply enter the name for the choice and click the “Add Choice” button.

The field list shows you the list of fields in your workspace, their field type, whether or not they are a system field (linked to a system function), and gives you the option to hide a field when in Details view.

You can change the order of the fields by selecting a field and using the “Move Up” or “Move Down” buttons. You can re-name a field using the “Rename” button. You can also delete a field, but be careful! This will also remove all of the data stored in that field.

There is no way to change the field type. You will need to create a new field if you chose the wrong field type.

Finally, the column on the right allows you to designate certain fields as system fields, which WarRoom uses for various functions. The most important of these fields is the Image Cross Reference field, which is typically your beginning bates number field. Make sure that these fields are set to their correct values, especially if you imported your Workspace from an older version of WarRoom (lower than version 3.0).