Tag Administration

The Tag Administration section allows you to search and make changes to your quick tags.

Use the search box at the top to narrow down your list of tags. You can delete a tag by clicking the Delete button, but be careful as this will remove the tag from any document that it had previously been added to.

Once you have selected some tags, you have the option to search for documents matching all of the tags, or documents matching any of the tags.

If you have already run a search and would like to mass tag the results, you can select the tag(s) that you want to apply and click the “Apply Selected Tags to Current Query” button. If you wish to undo this (or batch remove a tag), use the button labeled “Remove Selected Tags from Current Query”.

Finally, you have the option to export your document tagging to a field so that it can be included in a production. To do this, simply select the text field where you want to save the tagging information, and choose the delimiter to separate the tags within the field. Then click “Export Selected Tags to a Field”. You should now see your tagging information as delimited text in the field that you selected.