Image Administration

Once you have loaded the images for a production, you may need to make some adjustments to the folder path for the image Volume in order for your images to display correctly in the WarRoom viewer. To do this, select the Volume from the list and click the “Change Path” button. This will allow you to browse to the root directory that contains the images associated with that image Volume.

You can also choose to selectively move a Volume of images to iCloud so that the images display on all of your synced devices. To do this, select a volume and click the “Move to iCloud” button. Once a Volume has been moved to iCloud, it’s path will be listed as “CONSOLIDATED”. You can also choose to delete a Volume, but be warned that this will also delete ALL of the images associated with that Volume.

On the lower portion of the screen, you can view all of the image entries associated with a Volume. Here you have the option to “Re-link images”. This is useful if you accidentally imported your image data prior to loading the .DAT file. This function will search for a document that matches the beginning bates number of the first page of each document entry in the Volume. You can also delete individual images here.