Conditional Search

A conditional search allows you to build a search using a form with search widgets. A conditional search can be used in conjunction with other searches, or it can be used by itself as a stand alone search.

Search conditions are added by clicking the Conditions button. Choose a field from the left pop up picker, a search operator from the center pop up, and the value you are searching for on the right. The operators and right hand options will vary depending on the field type. At the top of the list of conditions, you can choose to find documents matching ANY, ALL or NONE of the conditions.

Add more conditions by clicking the Add Condition button. You can also use the + and – buttons to add and remove conditions to your search. If you hold the Apple key, the + button will become an ellipse. Clicking this add sub-conditions.

NOTE: Conditional searches persist through other types of searching. You can tell if you have conditions added to a search because the Conditions button will be illuminated. Click the Clear Search button at the top of the window to start fresh.